About Us

TACServers was formed in 2007 to provide quality service at an exceptional price. We have yet to stray from this mission. We strive to provide the highest level of technical service possible, and will work with you to establish a stable online presence. We own all our own hardware, we do not have outstanding debts, and are here for the long term. Join our forums!

TACServers bases itself on the pride and ethics we believe is needed to run any type of hosting company. We believe that every server should be maintained at an acceptable load level, and we strive to never oversell our resources. Our team is based out of the United States and have years of networking and Linux/Windows experience!

TACServers' goal is to make you, the customer, happy. We are proud to call all our customers business partners. Our mission statement: Anything we can do to make you happy, makes us happy! We grow as you grow, and without YOU: the client, we would have nothing to do! Many people neglect the importance of the customer, but not TACServers.

Our Infrastructure

We use the best.

We have a fully redundant connection to our datacenter's blend of bandwidth. We maintain a long term lease with VIAWest to provide our power, space, and security needs for the Denver market. We are leaving the task of manging the routes and BGP to this enterprise class facility and 24/7 multi-layer support team. With our network managed on that end, we can focus on the needs of our customers and our service. We own everything we utilize to provide our services to our customers. We have a highly redundant, DDoS filtered, and multi-gigabit capable network utilizing Level3, CenturyLink, Verizon, Yipes, XO, Zayo, twtelecom, and Comcast.
Power is provided by two physically seperate power feeds distributed to two online UPS units, allowing us to provide 100% uptime on power by utilizing these diverse power feeds. All electrical demands are backed by onsite generators to ensure power is available during extended utility power blackouts.